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Having pizza at The Back 80 will be a fun, relaxing, and tasty experience in an outdoor farm setting.  The pizza will be made from ingredients grown on the farm and cooked in an outdoor wood-fired oven. We will grow the wheat for the crust, the tomatoes for the sauce, and all the yummy veggies for the toppings.  We will raise pigs for the meat and source cheese locally. We encourage you to bring your picnic supplies (blanket, chairs/table, dishes, etc) with you and claim a space anywhere on the farm, the entire space is open for you to choose.  You can choose to set up near the action close to the shed, or out in the produce fields away from it all. The experience is what you make of it and a time to enjoy a homegrown pizza in the great outdoors on a farm setting.

Check back here for progress updates and details!


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